Season 1

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Episode 1 - People Sounds

Episode 1 – People Sounds

In which Michelle chastises Preston for his political apathy and Preston attempts to shrug her off.

Episode 2 - Smiling More

Episode 2 – Smiling More

In which Kenley gives Theo dating advice and Theo takes a terrible selfie.

Episode 3 - IPR

Episode 3 – Interrupting Prison Rapist

In which Spencer reveals that his life is surprisingly pleasant and Theo makes the valid point that everyone hates happy people.


Episode 4 – The Facebookist

In which Preston is forced to defend his less-than-hip tastes and Michelle worries about complacency in her relationships.

Episode 5 - Mad Blood

Episode 5 – Mad Blood

In which Theo comes to Preston with a business venture and Preston wanders into a debate that he most-definitely does not want to have.

Episode 6 - Poor Sweet Kevin

Episode 6 – Poor Sweet Kevin

In which it becomes clear that Kenley likes Michelle’s boyfriend more than Michelle does.

Episode 7 - The iPod Maneuver

Episode 7 – The iPod Maneuver

In which Spencer makes the mistake of coming to Preston with a delicate issue and a poser British band gets its due.

Episode 8 - Fool Me Twice

Episode 8 – Fool Me Twice

In which Theo delicately asks Preston for help and Preston makes it clear that he can only be fooled once.

Episode 9 - Poor Sweet Kevin 2

Episode 9 – Poor Sweet Kevin 2

In which Michelle breaks the news to Theo about Kevin and Theo mourns more than one loss.

Episode 10 - The iPod Maneuver 2

Episode 10 – The iPod Maneuver 2

In which Spencer seeks out friendlier help for his sensitive issue and Michelle administers a healthy dose of reality.

Episode 11 - Cheaters

Episode 11 – Cheaters

In which Kenley adopts a progressive view on monogamy and Theo hyperventilates.

Episode 12 - The List

Episode 12 – The List

In which Kenley helps Preston set some questionable goals.

Episode 13 - The Fight

Episode 13 – The Fight

In which Preston and Theo try to gain some street cred.

Episode 14 - Death and Makeouts

Episode 14 – Death and Makeouts

In which Theo reveals the depth of his morbid thoughts and Kenley loses her hat.

Episode 15 - The Showdown

Episode 15 – The Showdown

In which The Digressions meet Bella.

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